Sega Game Reviews

Megadrive / Genesis

Sonic Spinball Just Spinning Its Wheelspreview

Sonic Spinball for the Sega Genesis and Game Gear has levels and music that take you for a ride. The boss music and controls and top shelf.

Jurassic Park on Sega Genesis Rockspreview

Jurassic Park on Sega Genesis is one of the best on the console. With unbelievable graphics, music and gameplay, you play as Dr Grant or a raptor.

Zoop Game is Pooppreview

We review some Zoop gameplay which was on many popular console like the Sega Genesis, Game Gear and Game Boy. The puzzle angle made it similar to Tetris.

Master System


Yakyuken Special Is For Special Peoplepreview

Yakyuken Special is a Japanese video game where you play rock-paper-scissors and the loser removes their clothing. Did you expect anything less from Japan?