PC Game Reviews

Alone In The Dark From 1992 Changed Gaming Foreverpreview

Alone In The Dark is a computer game from 1992 for DOS with 3D graphic gameplay and unusual controls. Atari remade it in 2005 for several major consoles.

BIKO 3 Game Lets You Stalk Womenpreview

Biko 3 is a Japanese game published by Illusion in 2004. The gameplay consists of attacking young women and has several endings. Really sick stuff.

Cashflow 101 PC Game Is All Cashed Outpreview

Cashflow 101 is a tricky board game also available as an e-game. You have to use a balance sheet and deal with rules and strategy to overcome the rat race.

Deus Ex Gameplay Is Mindblowingpreview

Deus Ex gameplay is mindblowing like the rest of the series. It became game of the year for a reason.

Die Hard Game As Fun As Sack Of Brickspreview

The Die Hard PC game for DOS is not only hard but basically impossible. You navigate Nakitomi Plaza and have to find the radio and detonators like the movie

Requiem Hurts Makes Me Shoot My Railpreview

The Requiem Hurts Game is like no other game published by Illusion in the past. This sexually explicit PC game from 2001 combines many 3D genres of gameplay

Real Kanojo And Virtual Realitypreview

The Japanese game Real Kanojo published by Illusion shows the potential of virtual reality through an interactive girlfriend in first person.

Des Blood 3 is Bloody Diversepreview

Des Blood 3 is a long DirectX game for Windows and was developed by Illusion of Japan in 2000. It is a shooting game with puzzles and videos and lots of fun

The Incredible Machine is Built To Lastpreview

Incredible Machine is a game where you use objects to solve puzzles. It has long been a fan favorite using balloons and mice and other sorts of fun things.

Moonwalker on DOS Walks a Fine Linepreview

Moonwalker on DOS PC was a very different game than the arcade of Sega versions. It is hard, rare and unique. Michael Jackson did not help develop it.

Quake 3 Makes My Bowels Quakepreview

Quake 3 had wonderful maps and servers, but had poor graphics. Its weapons such as the rail gun and rocket launcher made it stand out as a fun online FPS.

Operation Body Countpreview

Operation Body Count on the PC is a horribly violent game that came out a year after Doom and made with the Wolfenstein 3D game engine.