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Pugsleys Scavenger Huntpreview

Pugsleys Scavenger Hunt is a horrible game for the NES and SNES where you have to go around and attack dumb enemies and stuff to save the Addams Family.

Adventures Of Bayou Billy Travels Farpreview

Adventures Of Bayou Billy on the NES was a game published in 1988 influenced by Crocodile Dundee and Double Dragon. With three game modes, it is a treat.

Adventures Of Dino Riki Should Be Bashedpreview

Adventures Of Dino Riki is like 1943 except you are a caveman spawning fireballs while stuff is trying to kill you as you are forced to walk forward.

Adventures Of Lolopreview

Adventures Of Lolo is a simple and cute Nintendo game where you walk around water and trees and stuff and have to shoot eggs and push people around.

Adventures Of Rad Gravity Is Not So Radpreview

If you are looking for another platformer for the NES to bore you to tears as you search online for a way to cheat, Rad Gravity is your game.

Back to the Future Makes Me Hate Myselfpreview

Be sure to check out the Back to the Future NES games if you enjoy similar games like River Raid, but also like terrible things like blood in your pee.

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