Xbox Game Reviews

XBOX 360

Aardbloxx: A Puzzler That Towers Above Others?preview

Aardbloxx was an Xbox Indie game market game. It was sort of like 3D Tetris where you stack bricks. You could rotate the camera around the stack.

Golden Axe Beast Rider Is Too Beastlypreview

Golden Axe Beast Rider is reviewed as we walkthough the gameplay. Tyris uses swords to attack enemies in an unlockable red bikini costume and armor.

Kinect Sports Meant More Than You Thinkpreview

The Kinect Sports games including bowling, boxing and other fun gameplay secrets that only Kinect could have brought. It brought family fun back again.

Duke Nukem Forever In Infamypreview

Duke Nukem Forever ended badly after a long development history. Nude girls and pinball could not stop this game from sucking balls and failing many levels.

Gears Of War 3 Completes A Great Trilogypreview

The third gamer of its series, Gears Of War 3 introduced many fun additions to co op and campaign such as weapons, new characters, DLC skins and Easter Eggs

Dance Central Made Kinect Centeredpreview

Dance Central was a game that used Kinect and had massive unlockable songs. It changed the way games were seen and played. Harmonix hit dance music gold.