Atari Game Reviews

Atari 2600 (VCS)

Jr Pac Man Is Not Just For Jrpreview

Among Atari 2600 games is Jr Pac-Man which was programmed much better than its predecessor. With new colors and point objects, it is virtually the same game

Have A Ball Playing Trick Shotpreview

If you liked shooting pool, Trick Shot for the Atari 2600 vcs was quite a fun game. It was a great technological feat for its day and you should try it out.

Atari 2600 Atlantis Is A Wonderful Findpreview

The Atari 2600 Atlantis game is a fun imitation of similar games like Missile Command. Programmed by Dennis Koble, it was subject of a contest in 1982.

Space Invaders Will Invade Your Mindpreview

The Space Invaders video game on Atari 2600 has impacted society more than one would expect. From emojis to stickers, anyone is free to wear an alien shirt.

Robot Tank From Activision Does Not Tankpreview

Robot Tank was the ultimate Activision rip-off of the Atari game Battlezone. A more advanced first person tank killing virtual reality game that rocked.