Yakyuken Special Is For Special People

There was a game for the Sega Saturn called Yakyuken Special. What kind of game is it? Well it came from Japan, so right off the bat you should realize that it probably contains girls and women being exploited. I vaguely remember hearing about this game around the time it came out. To have it imported to my country was pricey, so I had to wait a long time to play it. Oh, and I was twelve years old.

Yakyuken Special has a simple concept: you play rock-paper-scissors with a chick. For every time you win, she strips clothing. That is basically the entire game. You can choose from a selection of butt-ugly women, except for a couple that are pretty. One of the characters is Satomi Uchiyama, which a quick internet search reveals has done a slew of similar games. This makes perfect sense, because she looks like the kind of prepubescent child that dirty Japanese men seem to fantasize about.

Yakyuken Special saturn

Because I am not from Japan, I do not understand any of the character specs in their profiles. If I did not know better, I would think that W.57 means that she weighs 57 pounds, and H.86 means that she is 86 feet tall.

The game is like an interactive video. Yakyuken Special uses full motion video (of pathetic resolution) and reacts to whether you win or lose. Actually I should just say lose, because you will lose constantly. Using save-states in an emulator, I figured out that, unlike real life, it does NOT matter whether you choose rock-paper-scissors, because the other player has NOT decided ahead of time what to do. It seems to be a random win-lose algorithm. And to really win (get her naked) you have to win FIVE TIMES.

Or in other words? Yakyuken Special is rigged. Seriously, it literally does not matter what you choose. Forget any sort of strategy or pattern. Forget trying to out-think this cheating, scum-bag computer game that wants to do nothing but laugh at you.

Yakyuken Special is borderline impossible. I guess to give it more longevity, they tipped the odds away from you. Usually, you will have to play for hours before you get to see any bewbs. So.... yeah.

Video Game Remix Created By Alex K