Sonic Spinball Just Spinning Its Wheels

In 1993, Sega decided to continue to exploit their number one intellectual property, Sonic, but creating Sonic Spinball, a glorified pinball game. Do not get me wrong, I love pinball almost as much as I love marble cake. But even during 1993, pinball was on its way out. It was more a thing for the 70s, or something you would find in bars that Jodie Foster would visit.

The purpose of the game is to collect Power Emeralds through bouncing around during typical pinball. There are hidden rooms and bosses and all of that good stuff. Each pinball environment also had multiple levels in a sort of hierarchy until you reach the top. A good plan I guess, but it makes things extremely frustrating if you were to be forced to start again at the bottom.

There is limited movement while Sonic is in ball form. And by ball form, I mean while playing pinball. You see, there are few and limited moments where you will be able to run around as Sonic. You know, like how it was in the fun Sonic games? But unfortunately, you are stuck bouncing around with little control. But at least you can still control the flipper things, right? Uh, right?

The good thing is that the top display gives you hints and stuff, which occasionally comes in handy. I think Sonic can also use his spin-blast on flat surfaces to gain speed, as you would expect. I wish I could say more about this game, but Sonic Spinball is kind of awkward and strange. It reminds me of Dr Mario. Remember that piece of crap? It sucked because it had basically nothing to do with Mario or his character. So yeah, this game is kind of like that. But at the very least it puts a new spin (get it?) to the old pinball genre of games.

Sonic Spinball megadrive

Video Game Remix Created By Alex K