Robot Tank From Activision Does Not Tank

Ever hear of a game called Robot Tank? Probably not. But you may have heard of Battlezone, a classic arcade game from 1980. Activision though wasted no time intending to not only rip off Atari but beat them at their own game. Pun Intended.

You see, Robot Tank and Battlezone are the same in concept. You, the player are driving a tank and need to destroy other tanks while avoiding taking damage. Simple right? When Battlezone hit the arcades, the 3D virtual reality action was crazy new for its time and was the first huge successful 3D game. Which is why Robot Tank had to do better and add even more features to top it.

Beside a radar system that both games contained, Robot Tank added a 24 hour system where it would be morning, noon and night. The game would go from light to dark and there would even be a horizon. Pretty cool huh? Beside that was damage to different areas of your tank when you were attacked. Each damaged area would effect your gameplay.

Another game changer was the weather system. Now there is snow and ice, causing all sorts or havoc and a new level of challenge. It was these reasons and more that Robot Tank aimed to destroy Battlezone. The other trouble is that no one was ever able to remember the name Robot Tank. When I was a kid, I could not tell these games apart, and used to think they were the same game. I think that experience speaks for itself.

Video Game Remix Created By Alex K