Requiem Hurts Makes Me Shoot My Rail

Somewhere in my travels, I had heard that Requiem Hurts is comparable to other games published by Illusion. Curious, I found a copy of the game and checked it out. What I discovered was that not only is information about this game rather scarce (I could not even find a walkthrough guide or anything) but it has to be among the most intricate adult hentai games I have ever encountered.

As mentioned, Requiem Hurts is a game published on two CD-ROMs by Illusion of Japan. They have published a string of rape-related games in the past such as RapeLay. (Remember when that game was all over the news?) However, many of those games were 3D sex simulators with a loose plot. Some of them like Biko 3 let you walk around in alleys and stuff, while others like BattleRaper has a fighting game spin to it, yet had graphic videos and simulations.

So where does Requiem Hurts fit? Everywhere. It is a rail-shooter, apparently influenced by the game Virtua Cop. But more than that, you have to walk around in a 3D environment to collect keys and solve puzzles. Sometimes you need to jump and climb. In between levels, you can choose different characters with different abilities. I felt like they were inspired by Resident Evil or similar survivor horror games.

If that were not enough, Requiem Hurts also has a detailed story told with still CG images, not unlike many interactive manga pc games. The sex sequences are sometimes interactive, requiring mouse movement, while other times they are detailed computer-generated video sequences, complete with squishy sound effects.

Requiem Hurts cut scene

Requiem Hurts is not a game where you can simply hold down the space bar to skip all of the dialog and finish it in 10 minutes. It is a long game, which makes it frustrating, yet admirable. Although more irritating than fun, it is well beyond what I assumed Illusion was willing to ever do, based on their later games. That being said, the hit-detection during the first-person shooting scenes is either terrible, or you have to shoot the person a bunch of times while nothing seems to happen. The puzzles are simple, however there is a radio puzzle that made me nearly throw a brick through my window. With no guide or walkthrough easily available, I eventually had to watch a youtube video to discover that the answer was C : low tone, E: medium tone, and G: medium tone.

Requiem Hurts interactive scene

The sexual scenes of course are extremely hot, but like all of the other Illusion games are usually rape related. Even so, Requiem Hurts is by far the most interesting adult video game I have ever encountered. It also ran under Windows 7 with no issues, which surprised me due to its age. As strange as it sounds, the entire game uses two buttons: left mouse button and right mouse button. To me this is kind of strange, like a two-button NES controller. The controls suck, by the way.

Because the entire game is in Japanese, unless you can read or understand the voice-overs, you are going to need a translation app for your phone (like I had to use) if you have any hope of understanding what the heck is going on. Basically, there is a drug empire being investigated due to conspiracy. They have their own army and stuff. That is basically it in a nutshell.

Requiem Hurts pc

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