Real Kanojo And Virtual Reality

Illusion of Japan, which now specializes in sex related games, made strides with virtual reality with a game called Real Kanojo (Real Girlfriend). The game aimed for virtual reality with mixed success. It was their most realistic game to date, published February 2010. While their previous games focused on an anime style themes, Real Kanojo was all about simulating having an actual girlfriend.

Real Kanojo virtual girlfriend gameplay

Remember when Microsoft pushed the motion sensor device Kinect, and eventually no one cared? Well a game like Real Kanojo should have been its killer app. It is what Project Milo was aiming for, but never made it. Real Kanojo lets you virtually interact with a realistic girlfriend, who you can talk to, touch, and interact with. An optional webcam tracks your face and lets you shake your head to indicate yes or no. You could also tilt your head in different directions, which would then change the view angle automatically. Because Real Kanojo is in first person perspective, virtual reality goggles would be a dream to pair this game with.

Real Kanojo Illusion game touching legs

The gameplay of the Illusion game Real Kanojo even has a 3D stereoscopic mode so that you could wear red and blue 3D glasses to see in three dimensions the virtual girlfriend you could never seem to find in real life. Naturally the game has intimate moments like kissing, touching and intercourse, but those those aspects interest me a lot less than the escapism of an ideal world.

Real Kanojo gameplay touching face

It seems like whenever virtual reality takes a step forward, it takes two steps backward. When Sony tried to push 3D televisions, it bombed hard. Best Buy, who were betting on their sales, were hit hard. And as I mentioned earlier, the motion controller Kinect lost faith after its first generation device failed to attract many innovative games and had poor tracking abilities. Even devices as simple as a monitor that fits over your eyes are yet to be made in a convenient size or resolution.

Virtual sex has been attempted by other companies in the past, and of course sex dolls continue to become more realistic. But to have an actual android to fill your every desire is a long way away. This is why I am glad Illusion gave Real Kanojo a life of its own to show others what software is capable of. The technology exists to enter other worlds, with gloves and even shirts that simulate hugging. So why are we still resistant to cross over and accept the potential of this new realm?

Real Kanojo aka Real Girlfriend by Illusion

To get this program to run under Windows 7, I had to launch it with administrator rights so I could save the startup options. I ran into a black screen issue while running Real Kanojo. To solve this, I had to switch it to windowed mode.

Video Game Remix Created By Alex K