Moonwalker on DOS Walks a Fine Line

The Moonwalker movie was weird as hell. So just imagine the challenge of having to make a video game based off of it. I found a Moonwalker computer game for DOS that is hard to put into words. There were many variations of video games based on the movie, possibly due to Michael Jackson being obsessed with games himself. This was proven by the vast amount of arcade games that he owned and were auctioned off after his death. Allegedly, he participated in the development of all the games based on the Moonwalker movie. All except one. This one.

Okay, maybe it can be put into words. It is awful, just awful. First of all, it is hard as hell. Impossible even. Beside that, it is irritating. More irritating than a bleached man acting like a child. But why, why? Tell them that it is human nature.

The Moonwalker DOS game is not only hard and irritating, but it feels like a goal you will never obtain. It feels like running up a waterfall. I mean, it has to be possible, right? Surely someone has succeeded... just once, even?

No, no one has succeeded because this game sucks, and they abandoned the idea a long time ago. Even people who actually enjoy going to the dentist and having their teeth pulled out will hate this game. To finish this game, I had to use a cheat program to give myself more lives and time. Even that was not enough. I had to continually take screen shots until I could produce a map to solve the maze on the first level. Yes, the first level!

So were there any redeeming aspects of Moonwalker on DOS? I would say the graphics and clever recreation of moments from the movie. The other versions of the game (the arcade version and the Sega versions) were more focused on the Smooth Criminal part of the movie. This was probably because it was the only good, coherent and developed part of the film with a solid plot.

Video Game Remix Created By Alex K