Kinect Sports Meant More Than You Think

I will always remember the time Microsoft took a gamble with their motion controller Kinect, along with its code name Project Natal. Someone I knew definitely will never forget it, because he broke his leg while attempting the long jump. Either way, unless you had played it you will only know the game compilation Kinect Sports from the internet. And we all know how the internet likes to hate. Hate, hate hate!

The thing that people remember most about Kinect on the Xbox 360 is that it tracked poorly. This was due to the depth cameras tracking at a resolution of 320 pixels x 240 pixels. (The regular camera image resolution was 640 x 480 pixels. Not great, but sufficient.) Later when the Xbox One was released with the next version of Kinect, resolution was doubled and all the bugs have been worked out of it. Unfortunately, it was too late at that point and everyone forgot about Kinect (or they at least stopped caring. It reminds me of the whole video game crash of 1983 fiasco).

Even with the poor tracking, there were a couple of games that set good examples of the potential that the technology had. One of those games was Kinect Sports, which also had a sequel, if I remember correctly. It had a collection of Olympic-style games that involved movement like jumping, throwing, kicking, and everything in between. It was easy and fun to play and everything, including the menu, would respond to your movement. Any time your character was being shown, you could move its arms and legs.

The best part of Kinect Sports, however, was more fundamental. The game was supported two players. And I do not mean two players over the internet or a modem or LAN or any of that other crap. I mean like you could play a game together in the same room and not feel like a loser. It is such a simple concept, yet games continue to move into a direction where people are isolated in a self-created dungeon. And playing online does not count in by book, because it is no different than playing against sophisticated artificial intelligence.

Microsoft took a gamble when they tried to market the Kinect motion controller, and it sucks to admit that it did not pay off. Either way, it was nice to play some games without wires or cumbersome equipment, even for a short while.

Kinect Sports xbox 360

Video Game Remix Created By Alex K