Jurassic Park on Sega Genesis Rocks

Jurassic Park for the Sega Genesis is arguably one of the best Mega Drive games ever made. Not only do you get to play as Dr Grant and fight against dinosaurs, but you can also play the same levels as a raptor.

Licensed games these days do not do so well because it is hard to make a decent game with good graphics in six months. But back in the 90s, basically every blockbuster film had to have its own game. It is a good thing too because some of the most groundbreaking games, like Jurrasic Park on the Sega Genesis, came out of this sort of arrangement.

At the time it was made, games like Mortal Kombat had just begun using technology to convert live action actors into video games. An issue of Sega Visions from June/July 1993 had a special preview of Jurassic Park and had some explanations showing how the game was developed. Plastic models were posed and filmed for use in the game. It is clear this hard work paid off because Jurassic Park on the Genesis had amazing graphics.

It does not stop at the graphics though. The Genesis game also has killer music and artificial intelligence. For example, the raptors know to stay out of distance of your taser weapon. Advertisements would call it Dynamic Play Adjustment.

The levels varied widely and include a level where you have to ride a raft. The game is seriously challenging, although with any game from the era, mastery meant that you could finish it in about 20 minutes. Knowing this could be misleading though, because discovering what to do and how to dodge enemies and obstacles will take you many hours.

If that were not enough, the cut scenes are exciting and fun and do a good job of pushing the limits of Genesis graphics. Jurassic Park is a masterpiece and must be played by any Sega fan.

Making of Jurassic Park megadrive

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