Gears Of War 3 Completes A Great Trilogy

Arguably one of the best games of the series is Gears of War 3, which is a drastic improvement from its previous title. The last game before this one was made slower to accommodate newer players, but also introduced harsh glitches and frustrating control changes. Luckily the third title was tweaked to perfection. The developers apparently went all-in on this title to make sure it was the most exciting of a trilogy.

What do I mean by perfection? Instead of the game play being made slower, it was made faster. This seriously intensified variation allowed incredible power and adrenaline to be pumping through your veins during online play. This is amplified with powerful starting weapons being added to the arsenal such as the sawed-off shotgun and the retro-lancer, which is a rifle with a bayonet. We have seen other games in the past with bayonet action such as Army of Two, but never before had it been so much fun to charge and stab through someone while in battle.

The sawed-off shotgun was a weapon introduced to level the playing field for new players. a wide-angled and powerful shotgun blast at close range completely obliterates any enemy in front of you. This made the weapon infamous and seemingly unfair to many players. It began to be hated so much that a game update released and changed the range of the weapon. It basically made it into a useless boom-stick that could not hit anything. The range became comparable to the regular gnasher shotgun, offering the same instant-death results but still with longer loading. In short, the sawed-off became a pointless weapon to use.

Beside the new weapons, the first trailer for Gears of War 3 revealed Dom apparently wishing for death after having to kill his suffering wife in the previous game. Near the end of GOW 3, Dom sacrifices his life by driving a truck of explosives kamikaze style to save the lives of his crew.

Gears of War 3 expanded on a popular game mode from its predecessor called Horde Mode. It is what other games might call survival mode, where you have to survive waves of enemies as the risks rise and things become harder. This new version though introduced the ability to purchase things like protective barriers, turrets and a Silverback. What is a Silverback, you ask? It is like powerful armor that shoots rockets. It was introduced in GOW 3 and is something that actual militaries have been considering for a while.

Gears of War 3 co op

Another great mode, which I feel has been neglected or underrated, is Beast Mode. In this mode, you play the bad guys, having to kill all the humans within a certain amount of time. The amount of fun I have had that encompassed this mode alone has been immense. There is nothing like playing a Mauler and swinging a mace into the face of a hero and ending their life. Wow, did that sound dark? I wish this mode was brought over to the later games. A variation of it was offered in Gears of War Judgment, where it was like a combination of Beast Mode and Horde Mode. It actually played pretty well and was a great idea.

Other additions to Gears of War 3 included Aaron Griffin, voiced by rapper and actor Ice-T. When discussing the game during a conference show (probably E3) he accidentally called Horde Mode the wrong name and said Morgue Mode. Honestly, I think his slip of the tongue was an improvement. Overall, I believe GOW 3 to be among the best in the series and you should check it out for sure. Best of all, it is backwards compatible with Xbox One with console update.

Video Game Remix Created By Alex K