Duke Nukem Forever In Infamy

I do not know if you ever heard of Duke Nukem Forever, but it was a game that was long in development by 3D Realms. After the popularity of Duke Nukem 3D on the PC and other consoles, the developers apparently wanted to give the sequel all they had.

At the beginning of true 3D in console games like the first Playstation, video began to appear on the internet of its progress. The game was pushed back and video appeared for it under development for the Playstation 2 with new and updated graphics. Even still, the game failed to come out before 3D Realms ceased to exist. Some of the former developers banded together to finally create a finished version of the game for the Platstation 3 era. In total, it took about 15 years for this game to be released.

And the result? Predictably bad. Because the game was always in development on the back burner while at 3D Realms, there was never any complete game to work with. So the remaining developers had to apparently scramble to create a completed product in a short amount of time. In addition, whenever former developers separate from the pack leaders without proper leadership and resources, quality always suffers.

What was especially suspicious about Duke Nukem Forever was that reviewers were barred from releasing articles until the day the game was released. This was a clear sign that they knew how bad the game play was. To milk the release of the game and make as much money as they could, they had a special Balls of Steel edition of the game which included things like a tiny bust statue. It was a limited edition initially, but after getting sold out on Amazon for the release date, they decided to create more. This lack of exclusiveness made preordering the item pointless.

Duke Nukem Forever ended up having lots of gimmicks, which its predecessor was known for. Things like interactive environments, playable side games and nudity. Unfortunately these kind of things became standard in video games, despite being unheard of twenty years earlier. To have cursing or nudity in a game presumptuously for children would have been crazy. Since technology and growth in the industry had matured, all this stuff meant nothing by the time the game was released.

Duke Nukem Forever xbox 360

The programming and design was poor. When released, load times after death or in between levels were ridiculously long. Also, you could only hold two weapons at a time. This was something that was popular in games like Halo or Call of Duty. These two things were so irritating that the PC version of the game was patched to fix these issues. The console versions, however, were not so lucky. Because the game used the Unreal Engine, which depended on displacement maps for detail, slow loading of textures made things look horrible initially even after the game finished loading. Other laziness included the first and last boss being the same. There were also signs that certain elements were cut from the game, possibly due to time restraints.

An example of this is when Duke was going to be interviewed in part of the game on a show similar to the Tonight Show. In the final game, the curtain opened and no one was there because the event was cancelled. A video of early development of the game that is unlocked when finishing the campaign shows the host interviewing Duke.

Despite the game being broad and having all sorts of game play variations, overall it was lackluster, slow and boring. Memorable levels include Duke Burger, where the main character shrinks and needs to navigate the environment being tiny. There are also driving levels. The repetitive nature of Duke Nukem Forever and distasteful humor (which would have been fine in the 90s, the time the game began development) made the game infamous. But the thing that really pissed people off the most was the long development time with extremely little information being released. This made people pay attention and anticipate what grand surprises were in its future. Unfortunately, without the complete development team or vision as intended, things went sour.

Video Game Remix Created By Alex K