Die Hard Game As Fun As Sack Of Bricks

One thing I hate a lot are games based on movies, because they are rarely as good as the film itself. This is no exception. The Die Hard PC Game is not only bad, but makes me want to be shot out of the window of a tall building.

First of all, you walk like a penguin. Turning is not only awkward, but you have to hold down the alt key to turn. Imagine playing Call of Duty and every time you have to look left, you have to hold down another button. Then because you are using that finger to press that button, now you cannot shoot. That is what this Die Hard game is like.

Want more? How about impossible aiming? It is pretty damn hard to tell if you are pointing your weapon at the bad guy or not, but I guess you will find out when you spend all 6 bullets. Yeah, 6 bullets. Want more? Me too. I would also like a rocket launcher, a jet ski, and a mansion filled with supermodels.

So Die Hard earns my seal of doodie, with a side of poop.

Video Game Remix Created By Alex K