Des Blood 3 is Bloody Diverse

Considering the track record of game developer Illusion, you would think that Des Blood 3 would be a shallow hentai game that revolved around sex. Surprisingly, it is a lengthy and completely legitimate game from 2000. It took me several days to finish and would have taken me a lot longer if I understood Japanese and could read all of the dialog.

From what I understand, an agent gets kidnapped and injected with some sort of serum that enslaves people. Or something like that. Two female lead characters follow the chase to find her, and team up with some dude. I know that sounds vague but like I said, I do not understand Japanese. The game has both spoken dialog and written dialog.

Des Blood 3 has everything but the kitchen sink. It is mostly in 3D, but also has rendered cut scenes as well (usually of sex). It has some rail shooting, but with a fun twist: you can lean left or right to dodge attacks, which is pretty cool. That ability reminded me of Time Crisis. For a rail shooter, the amount of enemies are pretty diverse. Besides all the people, there are robots, bats, dogs and even cats attacking you. There is also a lengthy car chase where you shoot missiles and lasers, a jet flying level, puzzles, and tons more.

Des Blood 3 shooting dogs junkyard

Around the time Des Blood 3 was released, puzzles in games were common. And I do not mean puzzles like riddles, but puzzles as in magic squares or slide puzzles. Or in other words, it has the most annoying and irritating puzzles that you hated to do as a kid. In particular, there is a puzzle where you have to mix colored containers to together to produce Ether Ion, whatever that is. It is some sort of antidote. Anyway, to get it, you need to mix the red liquid with the light-yellow liquid. To produce the red liquid, you need to combine yellow and orange to make purple, then combine purple with blue. To make the light-yellow liquid, you need to combine orange and blue to make light-blue. Then mix light-blue with green to get light-yellow. I am only giving these details because there is little information and no walkthrough of this damned game.

Des Blood 3 magic square puzzle

As for controls in Des Blood 3, hit detection in this game is poor. To walk through a doorway or something, you have to walk straight into it at the perfect spot. If you do it wrong, you need to back up and try walking into it again. Another thing that was irritating was trying to pick up objects. When I played the game, there was no apparent menu on the screen to do anything. I pressed every button on the keyboard in frustration. I could not even figure out how to quit the game. Eventually by accident I discovered that you have to point your mouse cursor near the upper right edge of the screen, which then makes an invisible menu appear. You need this menu to pick up items or to save the game.

Des Blood 3 car chase shooting

To get Des Blood 3 to run, I needed to find a file called d3drm.dll on the internet and put it in the same directory as the game. It was rather simple getting this game to run on Windows 7, but Windows 10 had some harsh bugs, particularly with the HUD display and cursors not appearing correctly. Des Blood 3 also apparently switches from different program states at different times, and at these points is when the game will sometimes crash. The game came on four CD-Rom disks, which testifies its story length and size.

Des Blood 3 sex scene

So how does Des Blood 3 run? It uses DirectX. This is very apparent because the game files are wide open. Illusion did not even try to change file extensions, create containers or any sort of compression. The 3D files have an X extension (directx format) and have corresponding 256px bitmap images. It brings me memories of other early windows games, which were often structured the same way.

Des Blood 3 pc

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