Dance Central Made Kinect Centered

When the Kinect was released for the Xbox 360 console, the de facto game for the motion controller attachment was Dance Central. Available at launch, it was basically the only good game for Kinect that actually worked.

A problem with Kinect was the low resolution. It sucked, frankly. A real hunk of junk. Its responsiveness was too poor to allow for real time gaming. However Harmonix of Guitar Hero fame took advantage by making a dance game where you could actually dance. Unlike Dance Dance Revolution games where you dance by moving your feet really fast, Dance Central used movement of your legs, arms, head and torso. Like I said, actually dancing.

Harmonix though had an uphill battle. Game Developer Magazine revealed in a postmortem that they had an incredibly hard time making the game. Game testers were giving poor feedback about what moves were easy or hard. Getting the moves to register were a challenge too. Like I said, the sensor was a piece of crap.

Luckily, the game was a huge hit. It was the only good game for Kinect, frankly. It had an incredible list of awesome songs. All the best dance songs. Some of them were the usual pop garbage. But for the most part it was great. What was great too was that when you bought Dance Central 2 or 3, you could use a code provided from the previous game so that you could use the same songs that you have played in the past. It was a pretty sweet set up.

Unfortunately, Dance Central Spotlight on the XBox One was a disaster. It used a better Kinect sensor, but only game with 10 crappy pop songs. I am talking some of the worst and annoying songs currently playing on the radio. If you wanted anything decent, you had to pay money. But the good songs from the previous games were not available at all. Not for sale or playable in any other way. The newer, better sensor only made the game harder and basically impossible to perform some moves.

The number of characters in Dance Central Spotlight were limited. They also missed a big opportunity with lacking unlockables such as clothing. The characters were dressed horribly. The worst part of all is that the Dance Central franchise was the only chance left for Kinect to make it. Since Microsoft dropped support, it became pretty much useless. The later Xbox One models were not even made with a Kinect port for it to plug into.

Video Game Remix Created By Alex K