Cashflow 101 PC Game Is All Cashed Out

Ever hear of the Cashflow 101 board game by Robert Kiyosaki? You know, that guy that wrote Rich Dad Poor Dad to make himself a lot of money? And then he game out a financial board game for something like $250? I mean, that does not sound like a rip-off at all... right?

Let us start with our review by explaining why you might want to play this. Playing Cashflow 101 is fun if you are the kind of person who is so obsessed with money that you would overpay for a game made for children just to understand the difference between positive and negative income. If the stock market goes up and you have the right stock, you gain money. If it goes down, you lose money. Such a new concept!

The game has this annoying animation, you see. Cashflow 101, the electronic software version, forces you to watch to watch your rat game-piece morph into a 3D character, go around the rat wheel, then mutate back again with every turn! You cannot skip this. Extremely irritating! The same thing goes with the music and sound effects. I recommend a memory hacker (like Cheat Engine) that will allow you to speed the game up. You can thank me later.

There is also a smart-ass rat mentor 3D character that gives you bad advice, such as to throw away your money to charity, while a stupid turtle with a tie tells you not to take any risks. Of course, you eventually realize that you already took a major risk by paying for this ridiculously overpriced game that teaches you little about finance and a lot about wasting money. Cashflow 101 emphasizes not to spend money on doodads, yet the game itself is a doodad!

Robert Kiyosaki is also available in video form to explain things to you. Well, sort of. He will help you understand basic concepts, but you will be on your own when you have to use the assets and liabilities sheet. Even so, it is nice to see some help.... any help, really!

Finding the PC version is virtually impossible, but you can buy it as a board game still. Actually, a board game makes more sense because you do not need to plug in something to play it. Plus, it forces you to do the math yourself and not be lazy. But then again, if you were not lazy, why play games in the first place?

Video Game Remix Created By Alex K