Black Game Shoots Past Others

In 2006 there was a game simply called Black, a name that helped it get buried forever in the void of video game history. Try and search for the game Black and you get all kinds of results. This is a shame since it was monumental in its cinematic gameplay and destructive environments.

The best thing about Black though were its guns. On the surface they did not seem to be any different. Typical war weapons like the AK47 were present, along side shotguns and grenades. What made them so wonderful, however, were their destructive properties. They were loud and powerful, shiny with shells falling like rain. Walls, fences and rocks would blow apart with explosions. The environment would fall apart like leaves, with virtually everything being capable of causing an explosion. For example, cars and trucks. There were also lots of propane tanks and such.

Black playstation 2 image2

As far as story goes, the main character is a black-ops guy in Russia. Not very original, and cliche for sure. Despite this, it is pure killing and gameplay. When Black came out, it looked amazing. It came out on the Playstation 2 and the original XBOX. Of course the XBOX version looked better but the PS2 was more popular at the time and so more people played that version. Compared to games that came out later, the game would not look impressive at all. This may seem obvious, however you need to appreciate how games like this pushed the limits of their consoles, both graphically and through computational power. The PS2 in particular was out for 13 years, and the way developers pushed its capabilities was incredible. Even the sound effects in Black made it sound like an authentic, violent experience. And what more could a person ask for?

If you come across the game Black, perhaps check it out if available. These sort of game became physically worthless as time went by due to over-saturation. So perhaps you will find it stuck to the bottom of a dumpster one day, and that will be your chance to play video game gold from 2006.

Video Game Remix Created By Alex K