BIKO 3 Game Lets You Stalk Women

You may have heard of the game RapeLay (published by Illusion), the infamous game where you can rape women. However, unless you have played the game, you would think the game would involve stalking and finding an opportune moment to apply pressure on your victim. The truth is that RapeLay is barely a game. It's predecessor. BIKO 3, is a different story.

Game publisher Illusion has made many rape-related computer games for the Japan market, one of them being BIKO 3. In this game, you need to follow a woman through obstacles that could lead to you being caught, ending the game. Cops, dogs, even leaves on the ground can get you in trouble quick. Not to mention cars can even hit you as you cross the street. You have to hand it to the Japanese: they can work ironic humor into any scenario.

Luckily, Biko 3 lets you crouch down, hide behind walls and inside trash cans and under sewer covers. I am serious. Because raping a girl is so important that it is worth the trouble of being covered in shit just to reach that goal. The game is so simple that no walkthrough is necessary. The character can only attack the woman when prompted to do so. Usually this is at an opportune moment while she is busy. If you are able to restrain yourself, the young lady will sleep with you willingly. This requires stalking her through all the levels.

Biko 3 also requires you to find things in the environment like a ski-mask, handcuffs, a taser, etc. Those things make sense if you want to take advantage of someone, but some of the items are mundane stuff like a pair of glasses.

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Video Game Remix Created By Alex K