Alone In The Dark From 1992 Changed Gaming Forever

If you were to compare Alone In the Dark from 1992 to Resident Evil (Bio Hazard) from 1996, you would notice striking similarities. Although Resident Evil is often referred to as starting the survival horror genre, Alone in the Dark existed several years earlier and has many similar elements.

Forced to find your way around a mansion, you are basically stuck in a haunted house. Everything is trying to kill you, from spiders to cigarette smoke. There are some genuinely chilling moments such as dancing mannequins and a ghost silently sitting in a chair as you navigate around it. Solving puzzles and avoiding danger is the name of the game. Your cleverness and intuition are vital to your survival while playing Alone in the Dark.

Although I played it as a kid using my extremely old IBM PC, you can still play this old DOS game using a program called DOSBOX, which is a sort of emulator. As a bonus, it comes in handy when you have to do things like cheat, or speed up the game. DOSBOX has built in functionality that lets you play the game faster. This is great for when you do not have the patience for loading screens.

alone in the dark pc inventory

While playing Alone in the Dark, you will be reviewing your steps along the way to check what you may have done wrong. You have to be thrifty with bullets, because they are scarce. The gameplay is exciting all the way up to the ending, making you crave more. There were sequels created as well, but they were more difficult and equally ridiculous.

Although released in 1992, it has been re-released several times. Atari even released a port for the iOS (iPhone). There was also a remake that was created in 2005 and published by Atari. If you are interested in this game, you can still buy it from sites like Amazon.

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