Adventures Of Rad Gravity Is Not So Rad

In my pursuit to play every NES game ever made I decided to force myself to play Adventures of Rad Gravity. It is another platformer, just like all the other Nintendo games you have playing throughout your entire childhood. Luckily, it has some redeeming moments that help it stand out from the other NES games.

As soon as Rad Gravity starts, it has Maniac Mansion style graphics with big heads and text. At first I thought this was an adventure game. But alas, it is the usual gameplay that existed back then. Honestly, developers must have thought that there was only one blueprint for game design. Anyway, the graphics are decent for the NES and it makes good use of its limited color palette. The music is a little longer than in many other titles, which keeps your brain from noticing that it is looping.

Luckily Rad Gravity has some other tweaks that help make it stand out. It has an inventory system, the first item being… I have no idea. It looks like a lightsaber in your inventory, but looks like a switchblade when you use it. What is cool in this game is that you can walk in front of certain blocks, yet still be able to jump and stand on these same blocks. You know, like in Ninja Gaiden or Super Mario Bros 3, or a thousand other games.

You can also use a teleporter thing at any point in the game that lets you travel between planets. It is kind of a neat concept. You know, like Mass Effect did years later. If you want to cheat at Adventures of Red Gravity, luckily there is a password system. Or maybe not so lucky, because the developers were too damn cheap to include a battery back-up system. So now you have to use the keypad to type in a bunch of letter and numbers like you are a monkey. Well at least this code will help you get farther:


No need to thank me. Seriously though, you should thank me.

Adventures of Rad Gravity nes

Video Game Remix Created By Alex K