Adventures Of Dino Riki Should Be Bashed

If you are reading this, you probably played the game The Adventures of Dino Riki. At some point, your mom bought you this game to go along with your Nintendo. She thought the cute caveman and dinosaur on the box sufficed for their mom seal of approval.

Counting on the same thing, Hudson Soft decided that a dumb looking caveman named Dino Riki would be the perfect kids game that no one could question. This makes sense because the gameplay is so senseless that there is not much to judge to begin with.

The gameplay is a lot like the arcade game 1943, except in that game you are an airplane, and bullets and stuff flying through the air at your from all directions actually makes sense. In Dino Riki, you shoot fireballs from thin air and flying heads and stuff are circling you. Because, as mentioned, the way the game plays has been seen before as being fun, this game is not that bad. It is actually a good little entertainer to keep your bratty kids in line while you are busy flirting with the next door neighbor.

Although nothing especially um, special, The Adventures of Dino Riki is good for a quick fix when your latest game console has burst into flames and need to drag out the NES again.

Adventures of Dino Riki nes

Video Game Remix Created By Alex K