Adventures Of Bayou Billy Travels Far

The Adventures of Bayou Billy was a game that had all the right elements: a beat-em up side scroller like Double Dragon, driving levels like Outrun, and light-gun shooting levels like Operation Wolf. With recorded voices and complex graphics, this game should have been solid. Yet it often lacked the most important element of all: fun.

The plot of Adventures of Bayou Billy is… nonexistent. A generic bad guy has a knife to some busty girl’s throat (presumably your girlfriend) and literally says that you have to fight through obstacles to find him at his estate. Usually criminals are not so transparent, not to mention acting without motivation. Your character is dressed like Crocodile Dundee , which is no coincidence considering that it was published two years after the film came out. (1988)

The game had me exited as a kid because of how cool the box art was, I could not help but feel disappointed on the first level. The yellow jungle, hard controls and annoying enemies made the game frustrating and put me off. It also has those awkward Double Dragon jump-kick controls where you have to press the punch and kick button at the same time. The inspiration does not stop there: also like Double Dragon, enemies and you can pick up boulders (ridiculous) and you have to punch a tough guy on steroids to advance the level.

This was a shame because beyond these tedious first levels, there was some astonishingly excellent game value. The Adventures of Bayou Billy not only has driving levels where you shoot at oncoming cars, but you can even toss grenades (which appear out of nowhere) and blow up helicopters. The shooting levels are among the few games on the NES where you could use the light gun. It held a good challenge yet was not impossible or cheesy like others.

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