Why Adventure on Atari was Adventurous

Adventure on Atari 2600 is such a simple and pathetic looking game that you would never guess that it has gone down in history as one of the most legendary games of all time. It is considered the first Role Playing Game (RPG) in video game form due to how dynamic it is. You could compare it to the game Zelda on the NES and see its parallels.

So why all the hype? The truth is that this game was a true tool of the imagination. When released in 1980 all the game portrayed was a yellow block that represented you as a character. Using the simple joystick with a single button, it was not hard to see what kind of game this was within a few minutes of playing the game. Even as a small child of age three it was not hard to pick up and play the game. Despite primitive controls and graphics, it laid down the frame work for other games to come. Did adventure games exist before? Of course, but usually in the form of board games or text-based computer games. Perhaps it was inevitable but nobody expected anything like this from the Atari 2600. Although the company Atari clearly pioneered the video game industry, their first cartridge-based console had simplistic games that would not stretch the imagination very far. But could you blame them? With such little resources to work with, such games were challenging to even conceive mentally.

In fact these early games were created by a single person. By that I mean the concept, graphics, sound and programming would all be implemented by one person. This was great as far as creative freedom went, but was poor as far as personal fulfillment or recognition. These full-fledged games were often not given their proper due to their authors and programmers. This is why the Atari 2600 game Adventure is also credited of having the first so-called Easter Egg. The programmer Warren Robinett programmed a secret in the game that would reveal his name when a specific task was completed. Hiding it in this way allowed for Atari to not find his hidden self-credit until it was already published. Overall the game continues to go on and is well known among hardcore video game players who know the history that their favorite games are based on.

Video Game Remix Created By Alex K